A New Journey , A New Life , A New Home

Yeah, as i said before i am a new born full time graphic designer at a small private sector printing and graphic company in ampangan seremban , negeri sembilan, wow thats a long journey for me, as first a journey to become as graphic student in pjb, now works as graphic designer in n9. As people said, life is a journey so why not out from where you are to achieve priceless experience. hehhe, tq also to my SHAYANG who’re always with me :)

A new life as a full time graphic designer in full of tension company is now under my control 70% ,hehe we must just be nice and follow the flow. A new home ? yup got a house very near to the workplace : ) , so for me without transport coming late is not a problem for me bcuz i have my feet to walk, alhamdullillah its just more than enough for me…TQ

wsaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa < thats my cemon write ! hahah



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