Why stay in Malaysia’ – Would you like to feature your quote in a book?

Yeah it’s a good day …. so dikala kebosanan melanda jom try this one boleh jugak menempah nama dalam satu buku ni by ZUBEDY PUBLICATION.. nak tak ? details :
I'm doing this favor for a friend of mine. I know him from CyberWorld, but then we get along pretty well. 2 days ago, he posted a link to my wall and it's something to do with a book. Long story short, there is this one publication, Zubedy Publication, trying to come out with a book of quote.”
Contoh quote yang anda boleh wat mestilah berkenaan "Why stay in Malaysia".  Contoh cam sy dah wat ialah :

"I love to stay in malaysia because of the peoples , they were all are lovely and sweet, love to photograph them and knowing them, make them as friends , hope so they were loveable too "

Erk xbest akue wat ? so korang yg lebih kreatif bleh wat jgak… hehe . kalau quote anda terpilih, penerbit akan kredit nama korang , hehe ni haa lebih detail

I do think this is A GOOD IDEA. After all it's about us Malaysian. Here are the details :

Send your quotes to or drop us a message at facebook

Include these details:

1. ‘Why I stay in Malaysia’ one liner

2. Name

3. Contact details

4. Short profile to be included with your quote - (e.g. name, age, location,occupation/what you do)

by the 28th of June 2011

Send us your 'Why I Stay in Malaysia' one-liner immediately and do pass this around- we want to gather as many quotes as we can!


Untuk memudahkan korang mengLIKE, sila klik link di bawah, :

Zubedy Publication

p/s : yeah yeah

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