Very Disappointed With People Mindset

Hurmm recently I feel very guilty to some people that I’ve known , some of it because my set of people always negative, But when I decide to changed always to thinks positive there's someone out there will take advantages of me. Hurmm so I’m not going to just stand there and and wait for it.. so I decided to overcome this so this will not happen again later on. so I ‘ve decided not to :

1- be very gentle to anyone unless they truly know my heart , if not I’m just pretending to be nice to this some sort of people, and let me see when this some sort of people will give up on me .
2- if there someone want to meet me outside from social network, I will try as hard as possible to avoid it, because, like one of my best friend say,  some sort of people will show their true color when after see the people more than before meet. As I say this , there a lot of people before meet the talk was so nice like angel that you must fall in love with it n then when meet everything just ok, n then after a week or days after that everything become noneless, & nonesense, the cheerness and happiness before the meeting all have gone far beyond themselves, maybe this is because the mindset “ oh, now I get what I want, and then you can go”

SO this is what I told before, n furthermore people mindset , the kind must be right… oklah there no need to me for write more… tq : D salam maulidur rasul to all



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