Sexy Voice And Robo Jdrama

Hahaha tgk tajuk mesti x taw Jdrama jenis aper nie kan? huhu. Nie adalah drama jepun komedi yg paling latest aku layan. Boleh tahan jugak lah cerita menggunakan konsep “be alive” premis sebagai jalan cerita yg dpt memupuk diri dalam meneruskan hidup.



The story is about the adventures of a 14 year old girl named Nico Hayashi (林二湖 Hayashi Niko?) who uses her talents of changing and altering her voice to manipulate men over the phone who want to participate in Enjo kōsai. Through this she learns a lot about human nature, and gains a keen understanding of people through their voices. An aging gangster notices her talents and decides to hire her to solve various cases. While Nico is on her first case, she meets with a geeky man named Iichiro Sudo (須藤威一郎 Sudō Iichirō?), who has an obsession with robot toy models. This obsession that leads Nico to call him "Robo", and the two become an unlikely team. After completing her first case Nico proclaims herself "Sexy Voice" and a variety of short loosely linked character-driven adventures ensue.

Total: 11 Episodes
Format: RMVB / Subbed (dkt link yg aku download)
Size: ~130-180Mb (use winrar/7zip to join/extract)
Audio: Japanese
Subtitle: English
Year: 2007
Genre: Drama, Comedy, Mystery, Seinen
Fansub: TV-Nihon

Review akue. Citer nie agak best jgak larh, lgpun dkt link (link ader dkt bwah,kiri) semua file (part1 & 2) bleh didownload dgn dgn server so boleh dikira laju jugaklah. So try!


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