Event In My Learning

Haa today i would like tell story about some event that had occured in my life in the learn in politechnice jb. Senang citer kisah suka/duka aku dkt pjb sejak sem1 smpai skang sem4 tp secara ringkas just to remembered it cuz if the event not occured how can i be a me in this time so lets check it out:

-registered as PJB student
-first time get in asrama, learn how to berdikari
-study art tell what “am i gonna draw again?!” its the basic to the graphic design lah
-get superb critics in bukit layang-layang
-get my own Nikon DSLR D40
-got so many new friendS!

-duk dkt rumah sewa
-life an anoyyed with roomate; at last he get lost. hahaha
-excited with heroes tv programme
-learn sign language correctly

-still duk dkt rumah sewa
-wondering for l.i place
-first time go to play bowling, so happy that time!

Sem4 (l.i)
-have a bitter life in kl
-got l.i in kl with Din n Jemi
-learn to run a bussiness
-more dedicated to “photography”
-learn to live in city

So, yes that’s me! voila! c ya next post! salam


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