New Artworks lagi?

Haha nama pun blog utk bakal graphic designer cam aku kan. So nie nak preview some of my artwork (using the power of photoshop cs4) and some of this are learned from tutorial (apa korang dah tahu teknik2 nie? lantaklah ader aku kesah?hhaha ) gelak jahat. Jgn lupa komen2 apa tg patut (yg x patut jangan) hhahaha lg:



title : The Burning Town
technique used : cloud (difference cloud), burnishing, dodge .etc.
duration : 3 hours
p/s : pic nie just recycle from last years pic, learned the burning from the tutorial but not actually 100% from the tutorial, i just follow how to make the burn. and later i added the effect by MYSELF!



DSC_0503 title : Marble
techniques used : blending option, spherize, etc
duration : 2 hours
p/s: all above pics are copyrighted , mean akue tangkap sendirik lah tue pic2 nie.


edito again

0510161016882_1280x1024 title : The Red Vine
techniques used : extreme make over, editing; masking 
duration : 2 hours
p/s: who’s this in the picture? .naah the picture just taken from usual hd gurl wallpaper.


stockvault_9828_20080130  title : The FarCry Effect (from tutorial)
techniques used : extreme overlaying layer, burning/dodging, surface blur etc.
duration : 2 hours
p/s: : if you all out there does not know FarCry is a game and this is taken from the 2nd game, and the in-game effect are just like the edited pic.


Selain tue, akue ader jugak some2 of the editing experimenting with polar coordinates n spherize to make a planet expoding! (tutorial? sabo2 yer):

boom >differences cloud,fire effect, wind, curves (brightness n contrast)
Untitled-2 >mixing color (abstract), liquify, wind, lighthing effects
Untitled-3 >color mixing, wind, motion blur, radial blur


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