New Day New Assignment

Fuh, harini awal pagi kelam-kabut siapkan assigment Pn.Rohaida, the poster design ok :

06092009_001 The Process

>research –find a product (I chose my 2GO NoW! portable   speaker)

>spider web –find concept (Sci-fi), all about the product

>sketches –50 sketches!

>proceed to semi-comp –me? proceed just one (A4 full colour)

>proceed to comp(final) –above pics (using soft-pastel color) fuuyo! hehe not nice dowh! >>>mount in a3 mounting board ….submit! done

Next is kelas Design Dialogues ,just proceed ntahla no komen.

Tghari lepak bilik Redha, (tq Redha again!) tertidur smpai pkul 1330 ptg.

Next g kelas visual merchandising tunjukkan layout pelan car show room. Ni pun no komen. Malas ar..hehe…kelas softskill disambung. Dgr citer kelas nie very interisting. But about the l.i hmm x mohon lg any place. Hmmm nanti fikir. Fuh. Letih sgt harini (hari lain pun sama) huhu. K c ya


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