HDR Photo Album

Haha thanks to coz bg link utk download Dynamic-Photo HDR tue. Thanks again. So all this picture that i caught (except) the acura car. I just edit them with the software. Click view full album utk tgk pic scr detail. k Enjoy!

DSC_0046_fhdrDSC_0048_fhdr  DSC_0049_fhdr DSC_0051_fhdr DSC_0057_fhdr DSC_0067_fhdr DSC_0086_fhdr DSC_0100hdr DSC_0114_fhdr DSC_0160_fhdr DSC_0203_fhdr DSC_9803_fhdr

so korang nak try ar yer…nie link dier Dynamic-Photo HDR so enjoy


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