This is me and gotta find you.

I am a person who so afraid to tell the world
What I've got to say
But I have this dream
Right inside of me 
I'm gonna let it show
It's time to let you know
To let you know who I am
This is real 
This is me 
I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be now 
Gonna let light shine on me 
Now I've found who I am 
There's no way to hold it in 
No more hiding who I wanna be 
This is me 
Do you know what it's like 
To feel so in the dark 
To dream about a life 
Where you're the shining star 
Even though it seems 
Like it's too far away 
I have to believe in myself 
It's the only way 
You're the voice I hear inside my head 
The reason that I'm singing 
I need to find you 
I gotta find you 
You're the missing piece I need 
The song inside of me 
I need to find you 
I gotta find you ...

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  1. lina suka lgu nie..tq sbb bg kat lina smlm..


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